Meet the Bakers

Katie and Dorie both have fond memories growing up with family and friends enjoying each other’s company.  Whether it was sitting around the dinner table, swapping stories from the day, or going to a neighbor’s house for a fun treat.  This is what we want for you… friends and family are our true passion!

In our offerings you will find recipes handed down from generations before us to the use of new production techniques and technology. We strive for consistent, delicious baked goods to exceed your expectations.  Quality is everything here at Chickadee Bakeshop.


Wake up knowing you can go into the kitchen and grab a fresh baked breakfast bite to start your day off right! Snag a scone, muffin or top off some yogurt with our crunchy granola. Everyone has busy schedules, so enjoy each other and then go about your day.


Take a moment for yourself. Curb those sweet or salty cravings by grabbing a cookie, bar or some savory snack mix. Close your eyes and just savor the moment.


We believe breaking bread is the expression of friendliness and informality. This is the foundation of our assortment. Tear apart savory loaves and shareable homestyle desserts remind us to gather, slow down and reconnect.


Dorie Ross

Dorie was born and raised in Woodinville. Family, friends and the love of rain are what keep her here in Washington state. She moved to the Snoqualmie Valley 4 years ago to be near her brother Wayne, sister in law Christy and niece Darby. Dorie started baking at an incredibly young age (2) with her amazing mom, Sue. Her aunts Sylvia, Margie, and Bubs were also influencers in her baking journey. Grandma Marge’s homemade cakes, pies and cookies were always a family favorite. Dorie started teaching Darby to bake when she was also 2, to keep up the family tradition!

Katie Podschwit

Katie grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago but now calls the mountain valley of Snoqualmie home. When she is not working you can find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, hanging with her family or cuddling with her home pack of dogs, Pepper and Meadowbrook.
Katie is a creator. If she is not cooking or baking, she usually has a few other projects going.  She loves to crochet, sew or work in her garden…. she is the queen of grandma hobbies! 

Katie has 10 years of professional baking and business ownership. She previously was co-owner at Steve’s Doughnuts with her loving husband Steve.

IG @katiepodschwit